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FeedCon is a smart control unit which lets you control and supervise your feeder through the Nordic Gamekeeper app, wherever you are.

FeedCon is compatible with all 12v feeders on the market today. Click here to watch a video of how you change your current timer to a FeedCon.

The benefits of using a FeedCon are many:

  • Set schedules for when the feeder should spread and duration of session.
  • Gives you a notification when the food runs out.
  • Sends notifications during malfunctions such as: Motor jammed, low battery,low food etc.
  • Feed with better precision with the Food Save Mode.
  • Use the Bluetooth feature when you are on site to manually regulate the LED lights or give an extra round of feed.
  • Save time, money and travel.
  • Gives you a feeling of security and control.
A few of our resellers: Biltema, Hylte Jakt & lantmän, widforss etc. Click here to find out which reseller is closest to you.

Together with your FeedCon, there’s a 30 day test period of the Premium subscription. After the 30 day test period you will have three levels of subscriptions to choose from, Basic, Standard and Premium. Click here to learn more about the 3 levels of subscriptions.

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FeedCon is a smart timer which is connected to your feeders and controls it’s functions remotely. Set the feeding times and lamp times in the app for daily use. It will give you an alarm at low food level, at low battery, if any disturbance occur and also show game activity. A smart solar panel charger is integrated which means it charges the battery only when needed.

FeedCon communicates with both the telecom network and via Bluetooth. Connects to the best operator in the area. Control your feeder on site via Bluetooth to activate the motor and spread extra food or/and manage the LED light on site as well.

Many benefits

  • FeedCon steer and supervise timer controlled feeder machines through an app in a Smartphone or a tablet.
  • FeedCon will send an alarm when the food container is empty and will give you information when the game has been at the feeding place.
  • Carl Pfeiff bases FeedCon on an innovation with patent pending.

Steer your complete feeder through an app in your Smartphone

  • FeedCon and the Nordic Gamekeeper app creates a dialogue with your feeder machine.
  • FeedCon gives you alarm when any kind of disturbance occurs on your feeder and wherever you are in the world, you can use FeedCon to steer and supervise your automatic feeders remotely. All you need is your Smartphone or tablet.
  • FeedCon, together with a range of accessories, will send an alarm when the food is running low, give you information and historical facts over when the wild boars have been at the feeding place and a lot more.
  • FeedCon is a tool that will help you plan your hunt and steer and control the game.
  • FeedCon is compatible with 12 Volts feeders on the market today and improves and enhances the use of your feeder.
  • FeedCon gives you both control and security at the same time as you save time, food and the environment since you do not have to do “controltrips” to your feeder anymore.

This is how FeedCon works

FeedCon will send an alarm to the Nordic Gamekeeper app when there is disturbance in the feeder. Example of disturbance is when there is malfunction on the motor, when there is any kind of stop in the feeder or when the feeder is out of food.

In the free Nordic Gamekeeper app you can programme maximum twelve different feeding times per day (24 hours) and each feeding time can be individually set on different length on the feeding from 3 seconds to maximum 30 seconds.

In the Nordic Gamekeeper app you can choose an “astro” setting. The astro setting means that the set times for feeding and light is programmed to follow the sun. You can for example programme the feeding to occur one hour before sunset and then that will happen due to latitude and longitude placement of the feeder.

FeedCon has an inbuilt motor protection, which will switch off the motor at high loads.

Feedcon has two extra inputs, which enables different kind of givers to connect for different functions. Example of givers is the accessory Level Indicator, which measure the level of the food in the feeder. With the Level Indicator you can decide on what level you want FeedCon to send an alarm on “low food level”.

Another example is the accessory Activity Sensor which will give you information on when the wild boars have been around your feeder. This data is saved so you can use this information to plan your hunting. The Acticity Sensor also has a “Food safe mode”. If you activate that function it will save food for you since it will only give the full food amount if the wild boars actually have been at the feeder machine. If they have not been there to eat the “food save mode” will make the feeder only to give a very small portion of the food, to keep the feeding place active, without wasting food unnecessarily.

FeedCon has an output with gives you the opportunity to set and control the light through the FeedCon app. You can set maximum 12 light times per day (24 hours). Each light time can be between 15 minutes to 11 hours and 45 minutes.

FeedCon, together with a trail or surveillance camera, will store pictures in a photo gallery, directly in the Nordic Gamekeeper app. You can store maximum 1200 pictures over a period of 14 days on a rolling schedule meaning first in – first out. Each FeedCon has its own picture galley and the whole hunting team can see the pictures together and it’s also easy to send  or safe pictures you want to keep for a longer period of time from the picture gallery. You will be free from getting the pictures from your camera in your e-mail any longer.

The Nordic Gamekeeper app has a map function where you can see all your feeders’ placement (who has a FeedCon) and their status.

Since every FeedCon is unique and traceable you have your own personal dialogue between Nordic Gamekeeper app and your feeder. It is only you who can programme and change the settings since there is a function that locks it to the owner. If the FeedCon is stolen someone else can’t use it and we can trace it.

This is how FeedCon works

To install FeedCon in your existing feeder you need to remove the existing timer and instead install FeedCon. Download the free Nordic Gamekeeper app from Appstore or Play store. FeedCon is communicating with the Nordic Gamekeeper app through an build-in sim card which is connected to a subscription from Telia. FeedCon require an active sim card at Nordic Gamekeeper AB in order to be able to communicate with the Nordic Gamekeeper app in your smartphone or your tablet. (IOS version 7.1 or higher and Android 4.0.3 or higher.)

This will be included when you buy a FeedCon

A FeedCon costs 195:- Euro (156:- Euro without tax) and it includes 3 months of subscription at Nordic Gamekeeper AB with free access to upgrades and free support. The price on the subscription year 2 will be 51 Euro. The Nordic Gamekeeper app is included and you can download it for free from Appstore or Play store.

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