Complete game feeder 250 liters with FeedCon

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We have designed a complete feeder with a unique shape and design that among many other things, allows the feeder to always empty itself. The 250 model is one of our most popular feeder because of it’s perfect size. The feeder comes with an integrated FeedCon system, prepared for all of it’s accessories. 

FeedCon is a smart control unit which allows you to control and monitor your feeder via an app, wherever you are.

Advantages using FeedCon:

  • Fully control the feeders light/feeding scheme and strength/duration
  • Gives you push-notifications when the food is running low and when running empty
  • Gives you a push-notification of malfunctions of the feeder occur.
  • Feed with better precision using the food saving mode feature 
  • Save time, money and travel.

Read more about FeedCon and the three subscription levels HERE

A complete feeder includes:

  • 250 liter container
  • Feeder
  • FeedCon (control unit) including one month of subscription
  • Level indicator
  • Legs of wood which are integrated into the container
  • Mounting accessories
  • Mounting Instructions 
We have the following accessories if you want to complement your feed machine:
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We’ve done the work for you!

Now, we have developed a completely new design and construction of a complete feeder machine of the highest quality. The motor is placed “upside down” inside the feeder. This positioning protects the motor from external disturbance. The motor is equipped with a long shaft that goes down to the spin plate. The spin plate is placed at the end of the shaft and is adjustable in height.

The spin plate is provided with a side protection, which automatically folds down and prevents food from falling out when the plate stops spinning. These side protections has a great advantage, for example when feeding wild boar, deer, etc. which may otherwise have a tendency to push the feeder to shake down more food.

We have designed our complete feeder machines with an integrated system of FeedCon and prepared for its accessories for optimum performance. FeedCon is placed in a special lockable compartment together with the battery. There are special outputs for Level Indicator, Antenna, Solar Panel and the Activity Sensor. The lid to the food is also lockable and on the feeder there are integrated handles for easy and safe climbing up and down. The “legs” are integrated in the container.

FeedCon steer and monitors our feeding machines through an app in your smartphone. Includes 3 months of subscription at Nordic Gamekeeper AB with free access to upgrade of the equipment and free support. The price on the subscription year 2 will be 51 Euro.

In complete feeder includes:

  • Container on 250 liter (66 gallons)
  • Feeder
  • FeedCon, which includes 1 month subscription
  • Level Indicator
  • Legs of wood that are integrated into the container
  • Mounting accessories
  • Mounting instruction

Nordic Gamekeeper’s complete feeder machines are characterized by that they:

  • Works well also in cold weather
  • Have wide distribution radius
  • Have a large battery capacity
  • Lockable compartments
  • Spin plate and varmint cage are made of stainless steel
  • Have a unique construction of a “collar” that protects water and moisture from reaching the spin plate
  • Is developed based on many years of professional work with hunting and trapping
  • Are developed and produced in Sweden


Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 cm
Leg stand

With legstand



Feeder Kit


Level Indicator


Mounting instruction


Mounting accessories


Technical specification

The container:
Material: Polyethylene
Colour: Green
Weight: 15 kg (33 pounds)
Height: 58 cm (23 inches)
Width: 116 cm (46 inches) [diameter of the container]
Compartmens: 60 x 35 cm (24 x 14 inches)

Motor 90 W, 2800 rpm, aluminum and hot-dip galvanized cover.
Feeder funnel is made of polyethylene.
Spin plate and varmint cage are made of stainless steel

High leg: Impregnated woods. Pole: 8 cm (3 inches ) in diameter and 2 (79 inches) meters long. Supplied with struts.
Weight: 30 kg (66 pounds)

Total height:
195 cm (77 inches)

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