Now I can take care of my game feeders from home!

FeedCon is really easy to use and it gives me full control!

FeedCon is really easy to use and it gives me full control. The best with FeedCon is that I can run my feeders from home and that I know that there always is food for the Vild boar. If the food runs out, the wild boars disappear. When we are planning to hunt I put in some extra feeding times the day before, so I know they will stay in the area. It is very easy to do that in the app. There I can also see at what time they usually comes, so I do not have to leave home until a couple of hours before the usually comes, that is so good since it saves me many hours of extra waiting.

It is easy to get you money back when you buy a FeedCon. I save so much money on not having to drive to my feeders to set new feeding times and check their status. Now I only drive out after I have received an alarm from FeedCon. The new complete Feeder Machines are safer, more stabile and last a long time! You get what you pay for and I think if is a good investment to buy these. And feedCon is included in these new complete feeders. We will gradually change our feeders to those who contains 500 liter so we do not have to go to them so often to fill up since we now gets an alarm if something is not right. It is easier in so many ways.

Magnus Sivander
Responsible for wildlife management – on Hjulebergs Estate, Sweden

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