Quick start for Nordic Gamekeeper Cloud Camera (NGCC701)

Check out our unboxing of the brand new Nordic Gamekeeper Cloud Camera!
Easy walkthrough of all the steps on how to set up the camera, SUPER EASY!

The NGCC701 is probably one of the easiest trail camera on the market today.
The camera automatically configures all the settings and basically on-boards itself.

Quick-start content:
1a. New user - Download the free NordicGamekeeper App.
1b. Existing user - Go to step 3.
2. Create an account and log in
3. Press the "+" sign and choose "Camera", then follow the steps in the app.
4. Insert your NG-SIM (Nano) and MicroSD card into the camera
5. Attach antenna and put batteries into the camera
6. Toggle the camera switch to "TEST" and wait for the LEDs to illuminate
7. When the four LEDs are showing either green/blue, toggle camera switch to ON