Before I didn’t know what happened at the feeder. Now I see everything in the app!

I am very happy and satisfied with FeedCon! The best with FeedCon is that I now know that there always is food in the feeder! I have experience from times before FeedCon, when we ran out of food for a couple of days, then they animals disappeared. Now, when I have control over the food, the expectations are much higher from the whole hunting team!

It is also fun to look into app and see what is going on with your feeder. Before I had now idea and that worried me! When we have been hunting on the place I know that the animals will be gone for a while and through FeedCon I will be informed when they are back so we can hunt again. That is really great! On top of this I do save both time and money since I do not have to travel approx 45 minutes, one way, to check status. The support from Nordic Gamekeeper has been great, also on weekends.

Niklas Olofsson
Swedish Hunter

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