Nordic Gamekeeper Cloud Camera

Nordic Gamekeeper Cloud Camera

- The next generation cloud camera is here!

With Revolutionary ease of use, Smart data usage and a Plug & Play experience, the Nordic Gamekeeper Cloud Camera is truly a game changer in the world of Trail cameras.

No need to manually put in long emails or servers during on-boarding, the camera sets up by itself using the included NG-SIM. 

100% App controlled trail camera.

With our new NGCC701 camera, we have invested heavily in giving our users a customer experience that is up to FeedCon. To achieve this, we started by removing the physical buttons on the camera. The camera is instead like FeedCon, completely app-controlled and controlled via your smartphone.

Scan NG-SIM in the app, insert SIM in the camera, DONE!

The camera sets itself, so you do not have to manually fill in long email addresses, SMTP, FTP, etc. The camera detects which settings NG-SIM has and configures itself automatically.

Keep better track

No need to wonder why the camera stopped taking pictures, with NGCC701 you can get push notifications that tell you what is happening to your camera.

Get push notifications about:

  • SD card is full
  • Low battery level
  • Critical battery level
  • Camera has been moved

No more pictures in the mailbox!

With NG-Camera, you get the pictures directly in the Nordic Gamekeeper app in a nice picture gallery, sorted by camera. In the photo gallery, you can swipe between the photos, which you can also share with your hunting team. You can also get notifications on your mobile phone when something exciting happens at your camera.

Everything that happens at the camera is visible in the app

The Nordic Gamekeeper app gives you full control of your surveillance and trail cameras. The app is available for Iphone and Android.

Ha koll med NG-Appen

I Nordic Gamekeeper appen kan du se vad som sker vid din kamera.

NG-Camera ger dig status på distans

Få notiser när nya bilder har tagits av kameran och mycket mer.

Adaptive konfiguration

Spara data genom att använda den adaptiva konfigurationen och låt kameran optimera din data användningen.

Dela bilder med andra

Med NG-Kamera får du bilderna samlade i ett bildgalleri i appen. Enkelt att dela med andra!