- SIM-card for your trail camera

NG-SIM is an optimized SIM card for trail cameras, and it works in European mobile networks. With the Nordic Gamekeeper app, you store the images from the surveillance camera directly in an image gallery, simple and easy to understand in the app.

No more pictures in the mailbox!

With other SIM cards, you can receive pictures from the camera via email. It is difficult to get an overview, especially if you have many cameras in several places. With NG-SIM, you get the pictures directly in the Nordic Gamekeeper app in a nice picture gallery, sorted by each camera. In the photo gallery, you can swipe between the photos, which you also can share with your hunting team. You can also get notifications on your mobile phone when something exciting happens around the camera.

NG-SIM - 3 levels for different needs

Of course, all images are stored in a secure cloud solution and you can easily see the remaining amount of data in the app. Fits all unlocked transmitting cameras with SIM-card and NG-SIM® always selects the operator with the best coverage. You can easily upgrade or downgrade if needed. NG-SIM® is paid monthly in advance, without any binding period. The amount is charged at the end of each month. The NG-SIM® subscription is available in 3 levels.

Basic 1,9 euro/month, Standard 3,9 euro/month and Premium 5,9 euro/month. 

Share with your hunting team

Invite the entire hunting team and you can all share the pictures! The app available for Iphone and Android on the App Store and Google Play. With subscription, you get access to both FeedCon and NG-SIM in the app.

Everything that happens at the camera is visible in the app

The Nordic Gamekeeper app gives you full control of your surveillance and trail cameras. The app is available for Iphone and Android.

Keep an eye

with NG-SIM

In the app you can see what happens around your camera.

Monitor remotely

Get notifications when new photos have been taken.

Fits all unlocked transmitting cameras

NG-SIM is compatible with all unlocked transmitting cameras on the market today.

Share with others

With NG-SIM in your trail- or surveillance camera, you get the images stored in an image gallery in the app. Easy to share with others!