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A small investment became my biggest profit

Wild boar is a growing problem for us farmers as they create great damage in agriculture. With FeedCon, I get a better control of both the feeder and the wild boar, and in this way can significantly reduce the damage to my crops.

With FeedCon, I always have the right amount of feed that I easily control via the app. There is no more unnecessary travel as I get notifications when something happens. I save many miles and lots of time!

With FeedCon I save time and money!

In my professional work as a gamekeeper FeedCon is of great assistance for me since using FeedCon makes me save a lot of time and money every year. FeedCon helps me feed the game with better precision and at the right moment. I also use the activity sensor witch saves me a lot of fodder […]

FeedCon makes the hunts clearly better!

FeedCon works beyond expectation! With us it is very important that we have effective products that works all the time and FeedCon saves us a lot of job and a lot of driving. FeedCon sends us an alarm if something does not work. When we are hunting do we use FeedCon to increase the food […]

Now I can take care of my game feeders from home!

FeedCon is really easy to use and it gives me full control! FeedCon is really easy to use and it gives me full control. The best with FeedCon is that I can run my feeders from home and that I know that there always is food for the Vild boar. If the food runs out, […]

We cannot afford not to use FeedCon!

There’s no wasted time when I use FeedCon! In a wildlife management with a limited number of man-hour, it is a great advantage to know that there is always food in the feeder machines. Since we are using FeedCon we do not have to drive and check the feeders unnecessarily. FeedCon simplifies our work and […]