Carl Pfeiff

With cutting edge technology and nature closest to the heart!

Carl Pfeiff was a founding member of the Swedish Professional Gamekeeper and manager Association in 1997 and was chairman for 4 years, which in 2015 changed its name to the Gamemasters' Association. The Gamekeepers/managers have as a profession to conduct long-term wildlife management by creating biotope conditions for biodiversity. Efforts are being made to build viable game populations, which can live in harmony with agriculture and forestry and other social interests

Wild boar - the Badboys of the forest

With many years of hunting experience and thousands of hours in forest and land, Carl has followed how the wild boar population has grown dramatically over the years in Sweden.

- The traffic accidents in traffic are increasing and farmers get their fields destroyed. Now they also move into the residential area where also they can cause damage. But the wild boar also does good for the fauna, so we have to be careful. Biologically, it adds value as they turn the soil upside down, it provides opportunities for other plants to establish themselves and that is good for the biodiversity. They also provide climate-smart meat and a hunting experience, and we must have an acceptance of their existence, says Carl.

For more than 25 years

Carl has developed feeders for hunters and game keepers. When Carl founded the Nordic Gamekeeper (formerly called Pfeiff's Feeder) in 2000, he was responsible for hunting and agricultural management at Hargs Bruk (23 000 ha). He himself had a need for complete and robust feeders and therefore designed the first generation of complete feeders in fiberglass. This is where it all started, and the invention that Carl began twenty years ago has today evolved into a modern technical solution that greatly reduces all the negative consequences of wild boar - FeedCon.

Good for people, animals and nature

FeedCon is a smart control unit that allows you to control and monitor your feeding machine via the Nordic Gamekeepers app, wherever you are. This means that you always know that there is the right amount of feed and that you do not feed more than needed. You do not have to go out and control the feeding station, which is saving both the environment, time and money. When the wild boar is at the feeding station you get a note, so the hunt becomes efficient. All of this together means that we can get better control of the wild boar, reduce the damage and at the same time get a more sustainable wildlife conservation.

With the Nordic Gamekeeper app you control and monitor the feed machine via the FeedCon control unit. The advantages are many, and 100% control gives better hunting!

The app is free and available for Iphone and Android.

What happens at the feeding place is visible in the app

The Nordic Gamekeeper app gives you full control over your feeding machines. The app is free and available for Iphone and Android.

Steer and control the game wherever you want

For hunters, it is important that the game is around the feeder when baithunting, or to be able to gather the game in the selected hunting areas. For fenced game you get an cost efficient feed management.

Monitor from home

Receive notifications when the food is about to run out or if there is any feeding disturbance. Control the led light and get information on when wild boar is in place. End of unnecessary control trips to the feeder.

Fits all feeders

FeedCon is compatible with all 12-volt feeders. See the movie how to easily convert your feeding machine when you add the smart control unit FeedCon.

Better hunting

All of this together means that we can get better control of the game, reduce the damage and at the same time get a more sustainable wildlife management.