Nordic Gamekeeper

Nordic Gamekeeper

Nordic Gamekeeper AB offers innovative hunting-related products and services to hunters and farmers. We sell innovative quality products that contribute to a better hunting/nature experience and to control and steer animals to reduce damage on agricultural crops. Our products and services shall be the best and most innovative in the market in terms of function and performance at a competitive price.

Then until now

An increasing number of products are getting ”connected” and now has the time come to the  environment of hunting and gamefeeding. Nordic Gamekeeper is the first in the world to launch a smart control unit for feeding machines for game. Via the Nordic Gamekeepers app, you set times for feeding, receive alarms in case of any disturbance or when the feed starts to run out and get information about when the game has been at the feeding place.

– Have you planned to go hunting and when getting out there you see the machine has not worked for a while you get frustrated, says Carl Pfeiff.

With the technology in nature!

The wild boar population is growing dramatically. Bait hunting is an efficient way to control the growing population and it is also efficient to gather the wild boars into the right areas for driven hunts. FeedCon gives you better control of both the feeding machines and the wild boars.

- For hunters, it is important that the game is around the feeder when baithunting, or to be able to gather the game in the selected hunting areas. For fenced game you get an cost efficient feed management.