We were on The Game Fair!

Nordic Gamekeeper and FeedCon has entered a new market, The United Kingdom, by participating in The Game Fair at Hatfield House in the same week as Svensk Jakt, the leading hunting magazine in Sweden is publishing a very positive article about FeedCon and our complete feeders!


 Svensk Jakt article:
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Complete Feeders – With everything!



Keeping a feeding place for wild boar in operation requires constant work, and if you live far from your hunting grounds can become a burden. Nordic Gamekeeper AB has developed a feeder with a variety of accessories that facilitates hunting boar considerably. Jaktjournalen have tested the equipment during some winter months and did also some additional filming during hunting.

For more than 25 years, Carl Pfeiff developed automatic feeders for hunters and game keepers. The latest model NG CF 280 is something of a Rolls-Royce with an impressive range of accessories. Besides the feeder, the control box – FeedCon – is the heart of the whole equipment. With it, you have full control of your feeder from your smartphone, even when you are on holiday in the sun in Thailand.


Quality Feeling

The complete feeder is supplied in kit form and is a Swedish product. Only by unpacking the parts you get a strong sense of quality. Everything is pre-drilled and cut, and the manual is neatly enclosed.

The angle irons to the position of the legs are stable and made of stainless steel, as well as all the screws, washers and bolts.

The container itself is smartly designed and can accommodate 280 liters of food, in addition there is a waterproof and lockable space for a leisure battery and FeedCon. The feeder kit is enclosed and protected by a collar so that moisture does not cause downtime. The package also includes level indicators that reveal when it is time to refill food.

The legs are made of impregnated wood and is integrated in the container, causing the entire feeder to becomes very stable.

The conclusion of the complete feeder is only positive. Here is the man behind the Nordic GameKeeper, gamekeeper Carl Pfeiff, with over 25 years of experience in feeding, taking feeders to a new level.


Feedcon control

Last year FeedCon was launched, a timer connected with an app, as a world first. Suddenly it became possible to control the feeder with a smartphone. Through a cloud-based service you can set feed times, illumination times and strength, every twelve hours if you have the need. You also get real time alerts when the boar was visiting, and when it is time to refill the food.

FeedCon also alerts when something is wrong, for example, when the battery level is low, or if something breaks.

In connection with this issue was submitted to the printers Nordic Gamekeeper also launched a trail camera integration in the app. This means that images from the trail camera is sent to the app, you get a good overview of the images sorted for each feeding place location. This type of upgrades are included in FeedCon subscription.

FeedCon is included in the purchase of NG CF 280 with one year subscription.

We have also tried to mount a FeedCon to 12 Volt Genzo feeder kit. A test which precipitated without problems, including the proximity of an unexpected stop when a cable released from the motor.

In JJ No 7/2015 we wrote about FeedCon at launch. The article can be found on our website.


Bright Accessories

The feeder machine has a range of practical accessories designed to allow you to optimize your use of FeedCon and your hunt.

  • Activity Sensor. A rod with a plate reveals when the wild pigs have been visiting.  When the wild boars eat and move around under the feeder they move the rod to access the food under the plate. In the app there is also a food saving mode.  When activated and the wild pigs are absent, only a reduced ration is given. When wild boars are back, it returns to the set ration. A smart feature that saves costly food.
  • Solar panel. Kept leisure battery fully charged throughout the dark winter.
  • LED lighting. Adjustable brightness, very strong. We utilized only 15% which was more than enough.

All accessories are connected to FeedCon in your smartphone. For example you can change the time and strength on the lighting, change the time when the food is to be given, as well as quantity.

Overall, we give Nordic Game Keeper the highest rating for its fully equipped Feeder NG CF 280. Well thought out and with the highest quality components.


Hunting Journal  / Jaktjournalen Holger Nilsson


Test: FeedCon game feeder



Control the feeder from the phone

The Gamekeeper Manager Carl Pfeiff has for many years developed and manufactured game feeders. Now Carl Pfeiff and Nordic Gamekeeper has taken the development of feeders to a whole new level by viewing and control the feeder via an app on your smartphone.

FeedCon’s remote control box can be used on all existing feeders. According to instructions, you connect the control box to your feeder and then you can see and control the feeder with an app. Hunting & Hunter tested FeedCon for some time. Undoubtedly is FeedCon taking feeders to a whole new level. I have has been working with feeders for many years and they have been both good and bad. Often you go home and wonder about if everything works as it should in the forest. For example, I wondered if the battery works, if there is food left in the barrels, or if it’s been wild boar at the place in the recent past.


Complete control

With FeedCons app you have full control of your feeder. Everything is handled through the app. You set feeding times and how long the spread will last. Led lighting is also handled through the app. The app is alerted in the event of disruption or downtime, the level of food is low, if it is bad battery power, if it is something wrong with the light or if the feeder has been removed/stolen. Do you have for example 30 km each way to your hunting ground will you save a lot of time and money by knowing the condition of the feeder through the app.


Showing Visitor Statistics

A funny thing is the metal rod that hangs down below the spreader. It’s an activity sensor. It provides information on when the wild boar was on the feed place through charts with frequencies and times of day when there were visits the feeding place. In the app it shows the past 12 days visits from the boar. The activity sensor has a food saving mode which also saves food. A trail camera can be integrated in the app to the respective FeedCon. The images are not delivered to the ordinary mailbox or MMS, but will instead go directly into the app with the correct date and time.


Easy to handle

To summarize, there is not much negative on FeedCon. If you are not used to dealing with phones and apps can feel like a jungle in the beginning. But it turns out quickly that everything is simple in structure and support included with the purchase is great. They will help you with the problems that might arise. All information provided in the instructions that come with easily leads the use of a working FeedCon. The positive is that it gives you completely and total check on the status of the feeder. Everything that happens with the feeder are noted and you save a lot of hours since you never have to go to the feeding place and look on the status. Naturally FeedCon works equally well for feeding of other game animals besides wild boar.


Hunting & Hunter 5 2016 | Robert Jidesjö